Digital photo

My first digital camera

(Fuji 1700) (Worn out, lens cover stuck in nearly open position)
2000-03 - 2004-03

Konica Revio C2 bought at offer price (SEK 745) and enjoyed(!) by youngest daughter...


Digicam #2:

(Canon G3) (Left to mother in law) Review at:
2002-11 - (2006-07)



Digicam #3:

(Nikon S1) (Excellent pocket cam, still working)
2005-12 -

Review at:

Firmware Upgrade here (perhaps)

Nikon s1

Digicam #4:

(Canon S3 IS) (Still working)
2006-06 -

Review at:

meets almost all requirements and is fairly easy to bring along
manual focus too troublesome
eyepiece finder screen: there should be a lot more pixels on this screen!!

Canon S3 IS

Digicam #5:

Nikon D90

2009-07 -

Nikon D90 @ Cameralabs ,,

Lenses: 18-105 @ dpreview , other lenses@SLRgear


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