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(alla länkar öppnas i nytt fönster. För URL som slutar /.. finns längre länk under den synliga texten.)

Web hosting

B-one web hosting. All you need for 1.25 euro/month (June, 2006).



eMail, free eMail


Do not choose a short email address like (too easy to spam you)

Free email available everywhere. Recommended: FL-net. Not to much fuss. Mail forwarding.

(Gmail a risk? )

Hushmail provides private, secure free email accounts. Email is encrypted, scanned for viruses and filtered for spam, automatically. < not tested >


majordomo , listserv and mailbox already exists mailing lists and other more or less useful items

Technical questions and Answers(?) on W3C's public mailing lists and archives.



eMail spam, malware etc ,...

Telia page

by Telia recommended sites where to learn about spam

Report spam

Something to enjoy ;-)

spammare fick 71 miljoner i böter

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