How 2 eller hur gör man..

..för att välja rätt PC-operativsystemspråk
.. choose the right language for your dialog with your personal computer


This small planet of ours, with a circumvented roundtrip of 40 thousand kilometers, inhabits a lot of primates who call themselves humans. Humans are the most intelligent beings known to humans. Since humans are so bright they invented 5000 different languages to speak among and with each other. This is one serious reason why their are so many misunderstandings. Or perhaps that's only an example of human intelligence(?)

Naturally, whether you favor Apple or Microsoft, the language between you and your computer is English.

Windows 3.1

Year 1992 edition of the world leading PC operation system.
And it continues to improve since then,...!

Or do you prefer Swedish in your PC communication? Chinese Swedish or what specific color?


(Translates to: Installation successful. Please close the installation central. or something close (!))

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page published 2008-02-06
updated 2010-02-22