Why would anybody want their own domain and website you might think. Is the trouble and cost worth it?

On the other hand why would anybody have their own mobile phone number, own home address, own car, own boat,...?

There are lots of reasons:

It's nice to be in control. You control your own, and your family's, e-mail address(es) - an e-mail address that is not bundled with (and dependent of) your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and it's offerings. What if you choose to change your ISP ? Or you might enjoy to have to change to a new e-mail address and inform all your friends and contacts of it now and then, hmmm(!)

You can use your domain name to design your own pages so you can reach the links to your favorite sites , for example your Internet tools and your most valued sites, your favorite subscription sites / newsletters, your blogg sites etc. from any networked computer.

You can publish information about your family and yourself and your activities for easy access for those of your friends that, perhaps, might be interested in your tips and tricks and life and activities.

You can express your opinions and get them published yourself instead of, most unlikely, get them published in a newspapers readers corner. (Nobody is interested anyway...)

And you can use some space on the webb hotels server for backup purposes.

etc, etc..


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page published 2006-11-13
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